Changing Change

Change Agents have superpowers of authentic relationship, effective communication, integral analysis, constructive solutions. All these are learnable (and hence not actual superpowers). Change Agents facilitate transformational change: in individuals • relationships • communities • organizations.

  • Change Agents change HOW we create change.
  • Change Agents transform SYSTEMS.
  • Change Agents COLLABORATE in ever widening networks of people and projects.
  • Change Agents help – and help other Change Agents – CONSTRUCT new systems and structures, co-creating a world that works for all.

Changents draw models and methods from a variety of fields: Nonviolence, Humanistic & Self Psychology, Organization Development, Integral Coaching (TM), Martial Arts & Dance, Wisdom Traditions & New Story movement.

Change is part of nature, it always happens, spontaneously. What we claim is that the kind of change that is required at this time of multiple global crisis can be aided and facilitated. The movement to put us back on track needs all the power and support possible, as there is a lot of momentum of the world and worldview that has gotten us humans to the verge of extinction.

Contact us for more information or to set up a free introductory conversation.


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