Lost Touch

This is my sense, my fear of what actually might be happening to us humans in the western world… that we’ve lost touch with the fact that we’re living beings. That others are living beings.

A few weeks ago I witnessed a 6 year old friend play a video game. Not missing a beat, he told me how his task was to destroy [some enemy]… and on he went, shooting away, gaining points for his success. This boy is a total sweetheart, but this is his training. Along with that of millions of others.

And that is just the gaming world.  We also have umteen channels of TV and the whole world of movies that contributes to the same. And I’m not only talking about the obvious violent scenes. I’m trying to point to something much much more subtle here…

In virtual reality there is no real world harm done, we think. But what are we doing to our perception of life? Life on earth – be it nature, plants insects animals or humans – are we able to be in touch? How can we device weapons – and industries – of mass destruction!? How can we just keep going with habits and comforts, maybe tweak a few degrees from Accord to Prius when if it really mattered we would stop driving all together?

With such scary news – in the real world – of destruction of man and nature, the psychologist in me says “of course” we have to protect ourselves from the horror. A bit of denial here, a bit of disconnect there… And there goes our own humanity, our ability to feel, our ability to *be* in our infinitely precious humanity.

THAT then, seems to be our most important task. Rehumanize, resensitize, reconnect, restore the view that life is sacred. And that you and I, and all others, and all beings, and all of nature, is part of life.

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