Integral sustainability requires ecologic, economic and social justice. I act as a change agent through collaborations and projects with individuals and organizations that work with what M.K. Gandhi called “Constructive Programs” – local and small scale events and experiments for creating a future that will work for all.

Many little nodes of functional projects, linked together through mutual relationships, is what builds up new systemic infrastructure.

Current projects include:

  • Metta Center Hope Tank  (participation, hosting gatherings in Berkeley, CA)
  • New Story Creation (with Headwaters, Metta Center, and others)
  • New Economy (think tank, relational fundraising)
  • CoHousing movement in USA

Past projects include:

  • Great March for Climate Action (co-sponsoring one of the activists walking from LA ot DC in 2014; events before and after the actual march; strategic co-thinking)


The Roadmap from Metta Center gives an idea of the interrelatedness of issues, and makes visual one dimension of the “integral” aspect of change for sustainability.


Contact Maja for more information or to set up a free introductory conversation.

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