I help individuals develop the necessary superpowers to meet the challenges of co-creating a just and sustainable world that works for all.

The aim is to support those working in new ways to create sustainable solutions to the huge problems we are facing as a species. To be able to get things done in ways that honor the results that the world calls for, new skills and processes are required. I support individuals who work with these complex issues, who contribute to solutions and steps toward Integral Sustainability, by helping them develop new capacities to meet challenges and unfold new ways of being. To this end, I offer coaching and communication training. I offer maps and process for understanding and healing personal and interpersonal dynamics. And I offer a kind of supportive partnership to those forging new paths and getting things done in extraordinary ways.



  • Inner Leadership (SM) Coaching is for working one-on-one, facing existing challenges to build sustained capacity – in any area of life. Whatever the challenge at hand, we make an integral and growth oriented journey towards a future “you” that has competence, ease and success in handling it.


  • Story of Me – about the power of  our personal “stories” (who we think we are), and how these act out in our lives and relationships; and about devising new “stories” and planning for practices that you can do to integrate a new version of yourself.

Contact Maja for more information or to set up a free introductory conversation.

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