Everything is relationship, with self, with others, with the surrounding world. We relate to the structures and circumstances we’re in; We relate to the people we work and live with.

How we are in relationship – to partners, children, co-workers/ co-organizers, community members – is a powerful starting point for integral change. How do we channel our creativity with others? How do we deal with dissent and differences? How do we share ourselves with authenticity and kindness, both? How do we get things done?

Growing interpersonal capacity is one of the most rewarding aspects of personal development, and has potential to transform your way of being at work and at home, in community and solitude. This is a potent lever for Change Agents.



  • Inner Leadership (SM) Coaching is for working one-on-one, facing existing challenges to build sustained capacity, in any area of life. When the challenge is relational in nature, we work on you being better able to handle interpersonal dynamics and communication with excellence. The result is more authentic expression and more effective and easeful being/working with others.


Another option is to bring the relationship to us and get support together:

  • Inner Leadership (SM) sessions brings both parties together to learn about the interpersonal dynamics at play, to foster compassionate understanding, break old patterns and develop new habits.

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