Groups & Organizations

We’re seeing new kinds of organizations and initiatives emerge in this great movement toward sustainability, new forms of collaborations, new structures and operating principles. The means and ends are less distinct from one another: the way people “do business” reflects what kind of results are being brought forth. In this time of creating new pathways, I consult with organizations in a range of capacities.



  • Strategic Planning: Strategy is relevant as ever, but the planning process might look different from what was taught in business school. I serve as a talking partner for Change Agents sorting out the “what” and “how” of their organization or projects successfully.
  • Funding: In this new paradigm, there are also new ways of thinking about and raising funds for ventures. An aspect of strategic planning, how and from whom funds come is part of the means that support the ends… I offer information about options, consulting on the strategic side of these decisions, and support through the process of raising funds, whether loaned or gifted.

Training & Coaching

  • Capacity & Communication: New ways of accomplishing results, means new ways of interacting. New ways of interacting requires new capacities and skills, and often an upgraded work culture. I offer Coaching and Training to enhance individuals’ capacities, but also consult about structural and cultural changes that support the aims of the organization.

Contact Maja for more information or to set up a free introductory conversation.

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